Håkon Matti Skrede awarded Bergen kommunes kulturpris

Published September 8, 2017, updated November 5, 2018.
Written by Daniela

Huge congratulations to Håkon Matti Skrede who has been awarded the Bergen kommunes kulturpris! He is awarded for his priceless effort for choirs in Bergen, Norway, and his important role for choral development in both Bergen and beyond. This award is a well deserved recognition of the extraordinary contribution which Håkon Matti has given to choral singing at every level.

In 2002 Håkon Matti took the first steps towards his ambition of seeing a professional choir based in Bergen, when he founded KorVest. At the same time he recognised the need for a broader and far reaching strategy which would encourage singers of all ages to sing to the best of their abilities. Every industry needs people who can think outside the box and dream of making new things happen. Every industry needs people who can actually make those dreams and ambitions come to fruition. We are all very lucky to have someone in our industry who can do both! All of us at Edvard Grieg Kor, (formally KorVest) congratulate you Håkon Matti on your richly deserved award!