Sounds and sorcery: Celebrating Disney’s Fantasia

Published April 21, 2018, updated October 27, 2018.
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We have, in collaboration with Stephen Higgins, recorded parts of a re-interpretation of the Disney classic “Fantasia”. The recording will be a part of an installation that is to be put on in the old tunnels under Waterloo station in London, also known as The Vaults.

The production is called Sounds of Sorcery, and will run from 3rd July through to 30th September. The audience will be able to move through seven different installations in seven tunnels, all of which are lit and designed according to the music in Fantasia. Helped by modern technology and through headphones, you can hear different parts of the music according to your whereabouts.

The contribution from Edvard Grieg Kor is Ave Maria by Schubert, which will be part of the seventh, and last installation. The sound of each individual voice will emerge from different trees in a magical forest. The recording was made in Rekstensamlingene in Bergen.

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