Håkon Matti Skrede awarded Bergen kommunes kulturpris

Published September 8, 2017, updated October 7, 2017

Huge congratulations to Håkon Matti Skrede who has been awarded the Bergen kommunes kulturpris! He is awarded for his priceless effort for choirs in Bergen, Norway, and his important role for choral development in both Bergen and beyond. This award is a well deserved recognition of the extraordinary contribution which Håkon Matti has given to […]

A little something from Romania

Published May 23, 2017, updated November 1, 2017

Edvard Grieg Kor’s surprise to the audience at the International Music Festival in Timisoara, Romania 3 May 2017. Camera: Stefan Pisti Husac Sound: Lucian Onita and Iosif Todea Editing: Eirik Johannessen

New tenor 1

Published February 10, 2017, updated March 7, 2017

All of us at Edvard Grieg Kor are delighted to announce the appointment of Tyler Ray to the position of 1st Tenor. Tyler will take up his place within the core 8 singers of EGK from August 2017. We all look very much forward to working with him, and enjoying his beautiful voice, considerable technical […]