Nina Grieg 175

Troldhaugen Troldhaugvegen 65, 5232 Paradis Wednesday November 24 2021, 19:30

Finally, we can mark last year’s 175th anniversary for Nina Grieg with a mini festival 20-24. November. Last day, Wednesday 24 November, we invite you to an evening concert with Edvard Grieg Vocal Ensemble.

When Edvard Grieg received Arne Garborg’s collection of poems Haugtussa in 1895, he was very excited and struck by the vitality and musicality of the poems. He first worked with 20 of them, with a view to a larger-scale musical-dramatic work. Eight of the poems were published in the song cycle Haugtussa in opus 67; in addition, he completed five songs that are off the opus list. He took care of the other sketches.

Edvard Grieg Vocal Ensemble now recreates Grieg’s planned concept and performs the entire original collection, presented in choral arrangements (arranged by Tyrone Landau), as a solo and as a reading.

«Haugtussa vakna»
Concert by Edvard Grieg Vocal Ensemble in Troldsalen
Wednesday 24 November at 19.30

Edvard Grieg Vocal Ensemble
Eva B. Landro, soloist
Lina Braaten, piano
Katrine Lunde Mackenzie, reading