«Niels Klim»

Published March 26, 2021, updated May 7, 2021

We in Edvard Grieg Kor had been looking forward to working with the young talents at Bjørnafjorden kulturskule and together performing the newly written work «Niels Klim», by our dear house composer Tyrone Landau, in the autumn of 2020. This has now been postponed to 2023 due to the corona situation.

Muoviti Amore

Published May 25, 2020, updated December 22, 2020

In Giovanni Boccaccio´s novella collection “The Decameron” a group of friends flee from the Black Death in Florence in 1348. They isolate themselves in a country villa and pass the time by telling each other stories. In one of the tales the young Lisa Puccini is about to die from her love for the King of Aragon, until she is rescued by the song “Muoviti, Amore” – here performed by tenor Ian Bjørsvik from Edvard Grieg Youth Choir accompanied by Edvard Grieg Girls Choir and pianist Ellena Hale. Music by Edvard Grieg Kor House Composer Tyrone Landau.