Beethovenfest: Beethoven 5

Grieghallen Wednesday October 21 2020

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Beethoven’s Symphony of Fate from 1808 is on the list of the ten most played classical works. The symphony was written in turbulent times and was a musical expression of the composer’s critical community involvement.

Beethoven’s dramatic opening motif immediately catches the audience’s attention. The symphony was written at a time marked by unrest both for Beethoven himself, he began to lose his hearing, and in the society around him the Napoleonic Wars ravaged Europe.

The concert begins with Ralph Vaughan Williams’ beautiful serenade written to Sir Henry Wood, the founder of the famous promenade concerts, now the BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall. The unique work was tailored for sixteen selected and famous singers. The text is based on Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice.

The music of the Latvian composer Péteris Vasks is closely linked to his homeland’s struggle for independence, and is colored by the conflict between humanistic ideals and the history of reality filled with violence and despair. The viola concerto was written for, and premiered by, Maxim Rysanov in 2016. Tonight, our own sparkling solo viola player, Ilze Klava, is a soloist in her compatriot’s work.

Good vibrations

Why are we moved by the voice, and especially the singing voice? By Stefan Kölsch.

Our series of music and science continues this season as well. Professor Stefan Kölsch, a world-leading researcher in music and the brain, will explore the effects of “good vibrations” on our health and well-being. Together with the orchestra, he will demonstrate / show that everyone has a sense of music, and will reveal what happens in our brain and body when music surprises us.

Together we will also discover what makes musical surprises pleasant for us, and what happens in the brain when music arouses emotions in us. Moving in a community often reinforces these feelings and makes us get closer / closer to each other.