Grieghallen Edvard Griegs plass 1, Bergen, Norway Wednesday October 31 2018

The cast is large: the narrator Dr Pangloss introduces Candide and his erratic love, Cunegonde, the arrogant young baron Maximillian, Paquette the maid, the vivacious old lady… and a raft of characters emerge: kings, Grand Inquisitors, cardinals, croupiers, tsars, crooks and sultans.

When Leonard Bernstein and his group of sparky librettists chose Voltair´s revolutionary Age of Enlightenment novella to create an operetta they took on a major challenge. The story – about an innocent youth who weathers a series of spectacular misfortunes, but emerges resolutely optimistic – races around the world embracing earthquakes, murders, furious fires and all manner of disasters. But Bergstein was undaunted, producing a fabulous score which reflects all the bitter-sweet joy, sarcasm, wit and wonder of the text.

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