Christ on the Mount of Olives

Grieghallen Sunday October 04 2020, 18:00

Sunday 4 October 18:00

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Beethoven’s cantata Meerestille und glückliche Fahrt from 1815 is inspired by the poetry of the German poet and humanist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Beethoven not only dedicated the work to Goethe, but sent him a copy of his own, without Goethe ever replying. Beethoven’s cantata was also a source of inspiration for the prodigy Mendelssohn, who composed a concert overture with the same name and in the same key.

Christ on the Mount of Olives is Beethoven’s rarely performed and only oratorio, is linked to Easter and is about Jesus’ pain and inner chaos in the last time before the crucifixion. In addition to Jesus, the other soloists are Serafen (the angel), as God’s messenger, and the apostle Peter. The choir has several roles, such as soldiers, disciples and angels.

Peter Szilvay, conductor

Stephen Higgins, piano

Ellena Hale, piano

Berit Norbakken, soprano (Angel / Seraph)

Brother Magnus Tødenes, tenor (Jesus)

Lucian Onita, baritone (Peter)

Bergen Philharmonic Choir

Håkon Matti Skrede, choirmaster

Ludwig van Beethoven

Meerestille und glückliche Fahrt

Ludwig van Beethoven

Christus am Ölberge, oratorio