Christmas Concert

Grieghallen Edvard Griegs Plass 1, Bergen, Norway Thursday December 01 2016, 19:30

Edvard Grieg Kor participates in “Denne søte juletid”, this year’s Christmas concert in Grieghallen.

Works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Ørjan Matre and Lars-Erik Larsson will be performed, with Edvard Grieg Kor acting as both ensemble and soloists.

Since its composition in 1940, Lars-Erik Larsson’s symphonic realisation of Hjalmar Gullberg’s emotionally charged poetry has become a beloved holiday favourite in Sweden.

Flowing melodies and open harmonies characterise his approach to the text, which is based on the ancient Greek myth of the god Apollo being submitted to working as a field hand for one year. The idea of a divine being undergoing normal human experience does have a certain resonance.