Edvard Grieg Korene – Klassiske Juletoner 2021

Bergen Cathedral Domkirkeplassen 1, 5003 Bergen Monday December 06 2021, 19:00

In December, we all gather Edvard Grieg Choirs for our traditional Christmas concert in Bergen Cathedral. Here all generations are gathered: the aspirants who sing their first concert, the slightly older children in the Edvard Grieg Girls ‘Choir and Edvard Grieg Boys’ Choir, the young people in the Edvard Grieg Youth Choir and the eight regular singers in the Edvard Grieg Vocal Ensemble. Separately, the choirs perform beautiful, good-natured and cheerful Christmas songs, and together we perform powerful joint numbers written especially for Edvard Grieg’s unique composition of the choirs.

Welcome to the Christmas concert on December 6 in Bergen Cathedral at 19:00.

Edvard Grieg Aspirant Choir
Edvard Grieg Girls’ Choir
Edvard Grieg Boys’ Choir
Edvard Grieg Youth Choir
Edvard Grieg Vocal Ensemble