Faith’s rare treasure

St. Mary's Church Dreggsalmenningen 15, Bergen, Norway Sunday September 29 2019, 15:00

People love hymns! This was clearly demonstrated when 2.2 million people watched “Salmeboka minutt for minutt” (The hymn book minute by minute) at NRK in 2014. Hymns bring people together, in familiar tunes and lyrics, some new, some many hundred years old.

In 1739, Bishop and psalmist Hans Adolph Brorson published a collection of Danish hymns called the Troens rare klenodie (Faith’s Rare Treasure). It seems apt to describe the Norwegian hymn book in the same way. The theme of the festival KORAL brings us to the harmonization of the hymns, and this concert wants to explore some of the tunes that have inspired composers from the 16th century to the present. The program includes works by Josquin, Lassus and Brahms, as well as pieces by the Norwegian composers, Marianne Reidarsdatter Eriksen, Ørjan Matre and Magnar Åm.