Inspired by Nature

Grieghallen Saturday October 17 2020, 18:00

Grieghallen, Saturday 17  October 18:00

Edvard Grieg Choir was inspired by nature when they composed the evening’s concert program, which is also a journey through choral works from several countries in the time span 1814 to 2011.

The concert begins with Beethoven’s rural and festive cantata from 1814. It was written to celebrate the name day of a friend – “Let us all sing a toast to Giovanni”, it says in the lyrics.

In addition to songs by Beethoven and Clara Schumann, we hear two songs by Edward Elgar. His choral works are considered jewels in British choral music.

Tonight’s Norwegian contribution, both text and music, is “The Wind Blows” by Alfred Jansen which was written for the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir and premiered by them in 2017.

Latvia has a rich choral tradition, and Erik Ešenvald’s work “Stars” for choir and glass is a shining example of how the tradition is developed and lives on today.

The concert is rounded off, and we go towards evening, with Richard Strauss’ setting of Friedrich Schiller’s poem Der Abend, where the importance of the gentle evening is emphasized – it is so that lovers, human and holy, can meet and rest.